Leadership in Crisis

About the course

Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance is designed to help senior managers from the public, private and nonprofit sectors work with their peers across sectors to best position themselves and their organizations to successfully manage, survive and recover from the unexpected.

Leaders prepared today for the challenges of tomorrow stand a much stronger chance of successfully managing a crisis. Part of this process is learning how to work collaboratively across organizational and/or jurisdictional boundaries before a crisis occurs. Leadership in Crises teaches how to build the skills that make for a more successful management process, how to effectively gather critical information, adapt to unique circumstances, and prioritize effectively. The course also teaches participants how to build bridges across boundaries, presenting perspectives on planning, training, and exercising so that senior managers have systems in place in advance of a critical event.

Leadership in Crises examines the skills leaders can build for working decisively in the highly concentrated time-frame of an emergency, while maintaining a focus on managing and motivating a team. The program looks at the skills necessary to communicate effectively with team members and the public, and how leaders can adapt techniques and strategies to fit the needs of a variety of extraordinary circumstances.

Who should attend

An important part of the experiential learning Leadership in Crises provides is drawing on the strength of its wide range of participants. Professionals who have years of expertise comprise the class, fostering a spirit of lively and informed conversation. Titles of previous participants include:

  • Deputy Assistant Director
  • Mayor
  • Supervisory Special Agent
  • Director, Public Health Nursing
  • Emergency Preparedness Project Manager
  • Director, Emergency Communication System
  • International Cooperation Director
  • Managing Director
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor
  • Assistant for Biodefense Policy
  • Bioterrorism Program Director
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director, Department of Homeland Security
  • Vice President, Human Resources and Associate Services
  • Senior Adviser
  • Fire Chief
  • Homeland Safety Coordinator
  • Reintegration Officer
  • Regional Assistant Chief
  • Vice President for Operations
  • Police Chief
  • Chief and Director, University Police
  • EU Observer
  • EMS Coordinator
  • Senior Program Manager – Corporate Security
  • Executive Secretary, State Transportation Authority
  • Under Secretary, Border Management Division
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Director, Criminal Investigation Department
  • Director of Corporate Security
  • NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Operations Manager
  • Commissioner, Dept. of Public Safety
  • Vice President
  • Chief Deputy Director
  • Director General, Department of Forestry