Negotiation and Persuasion Skills for Executives

About the course

This one-day course from Kelley will teach you how to negotiate like a pro with tactics that are proven to seal the deal and enhance collaborative relationships in the workplace.

Negotiation is something you encounter every day, all day—with clients and partners, vendors and suppliers, supervisors and colleagues, employees and recruits.

And when something goes wrong, you feel it. From struggling to reach an agreement, or worse yet, not reaching an agreement at all, weak negotiation skills can lead to lapsed deadlines, leaky budgets, and soured relationships.

Become a more effective leader with these win-win negotiation strategies.
Successful negotiation requires preparation, practice, and confidence. In this one-day course, you’ll address all three.

Engaging discussion and interactive class material will teach you how to negotiate like a pro with efficient and effective negotiation tactics that are proven to not only seal the deal, but also enhance collaborative relationships in the workplace. You’ll also learn which tactics to avoid and when, and how to negotiate in times of crisis.

No matter what your role or level of experience, you will learn the differences between negotiation and persuasion, and how to use both to enhance your confidence and improve your leadership skills as you successfully negotiate deals, disputes, budgets, and new initiatives.

Who should attend

Aspiring leaders with any level of negotiation experience are welcome. Senior executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and rising supervisors would especially benefit from taking this course.

Learning outcomes

In this one-day course, you will:

  • Improve your negotiation skills to maximize mutual, win-win gains
  • Explore a five-step guide to successfully negotiate
  • Discuss the ten best strategies for breaking through a negotiation impasse
  • Learn the distinctions and advantages of influence and persuasion to achieve your goals
  • Discover how to confidently assess the strengths and weaknesses of a deal
  • Uncover how gender and culture affect the negotiation and persuasion processes
  • Develop tactics for negotiating in times of crisis