Managing and Motivating People

About the course – Managing and Motivating People

Practical strategies for promoting the best in your people

As a manager, success is achieved through your people. How well do you understand your team and importantly, how well do you understand what drives your people? Do you manage these relationships and responsibilities well to get the best from your team?

Many people are promoted into management and leadership positions because of their technical expertise. Yet managing and leading people effectively requires a new set of skills. This course deals with the key issues of understanding the people you work with, and how to communicate effectively with them. It offers essential skills for communication, leadership, motivation and dealing with issues.

Topics covered

This is a practical workshop, where you’ll be able to learn and apply the learning directly to your own work situations. There is a lot to cover. At the same time we’ll focus on your particular needs.
We will cover:

  • Our role as leaders and managers
  • From team member to team leader
  • Leading through influence
  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Team dynamics and culture
  • Managing the moments

Use this knowledge to:

  • Understand and motivate individuals
  • Raise issues
  • Manage conflict
  • Deal with difficult behaviours

Who should attend

  • Newly appointed managers and team leaders
  • Those responsible for managing and leading groups
  • Anyone in management or leadership positions who works with challenging personalities

Learning outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding of your own and others’ behaviour
  • Gain tools to build rapport easily and communicate effectively
  • Acquire skills to motivate and lead others
  • Build your knowledge, skills and confidence to raise issues, manage difficult behaviours and deal with conflict